Webinar for School Leaders

A New Way to Lead

Designed specifically for school leadership teams A New Way to Lead is an impactful and powerful new webinar on education leadership from our co-founder Mehrdad Baghai. 

In our school leaders' webinar Mehrdad Baghai, co-founder of High Resolves and author of the New York Times bestseller "As One", will share his knowledge and help you hone the skills you need to face a timeless leadership challenge:

  • How do I get large numbers of individuals working together effectively to achieve a shared purpose?

and, specifically in the context of school leadership:

  • How do I get students, staff, parents and the wider community to work 'As One' to build a better school?

This hour long webinar will be available as a complimentary free recording from August 14th 2017. To gain access to this leadership masterclass please register your details via the button below and we will send you the recorded version of the webinar for you to watch at a time to suit you:

Mehrdad coined the term “As One” to mean an effective and sustainable exercise of collective action. It defines the choices that individuals, leaders and organisations make about how they interact to achieve common goals. It is a leadership discipline that enables school leaders to connect with their team’s hearts and minds, and channel their energies and actions to achieve results.

Mehrdad Baghai is a world-renowned leadership expert, specialising in how leaders can best enable collective action. He began this research at Harvard University where he earned an M.P.P. as a Kennedy Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government as well as a J.D. with high honours at Harvard Law School. He runs a global advisory boutique, Alchemy Growth Partners, from Sydney. Previously, he completed a three-year term as an Executive Director of the CSIRO and was the co-leader of the worldwide growth practice at McKinsey & Company. Together with his wife Roya, Mehrdad founded High Resolves, a not-for-profit educational initiative that has empowered over 130,000 teenagers since 2005 to be purposeful global citizens and leaders.