Network Ten Videos for Change Challenge

2016 Finalists Announced!

We're excited to announce the 10 finalists for the 2016 Videos for Change Challenge:

Brisbane State High School, QLD. Focus issue: Social Exclusion
Cleveland District State High School, QLD. Focus issue: Social Exclusion
Diamond Valley College, VIC. Focus issue: Social Exclusion
International Grammar School, NSW. Focus issue: Refugee Issues
James Ruse Agricultural High School, NSW. Focus issue: Workplace Racism
Keilor Downs College, VIC. Focus issue: Gender Stereotypes
Penrith High School, NSW. Focus issue: Social Exclusion
Roxburgh College, VIC. Focus issue: Domestic Violence
Ruyton Girls School, VIC. Focus issue: Access to Education
Sydney Boys High School, NSW. Focus issue: Substance Abuse

Our panel of judges from Network Ten and High Resolves now have the very difficult task of choosing an overall winner from these fantastic entries. Keep an eye on this page for an announcement of the winning entry for 2016.

Get national TV coverage for a social issue that really matters to you.

The Network Ten Videos for Change Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for High Resolves Leaders to increase awareness and make a difference to social issues young people care about, with the chance for national TV coverage on Network Ten.

Previous winners featured on Ten’s The Project and were interviewed by Gold Logie winner and host Waleed Aly, and their video reached over a million people!

To enter the competition, all you need to do is to form a team and create a short video about your chosen social issue. The videos will then be judged by a panel including celebrities Waleed Aly and Russel Howcroft, with the winning entry shown on national TV!

Check out this video announcement of the competition by Russel Howcroft from Network Ten:


How to enter

The rules are simple:

  1. This is a team based competition and you can have anywhere from 2 to 6 people in your team. It is expected that there will be more than one entry/team from each school but each person can only be in one team. It doesn't matter if you are addressing the same social issue as other teams but your video will need to be unique.
  2. The Director of the team should be a High Resolves Leader and the majority of the members in the group should have participated in the High Resolves Global Leaders Program. The team Director will need to complete the Team Entry Form which can be be downloaded here
  3. Complete your individual Student Entry Forms, one per team member, with all your details and return to us as soon as possible. You can download the Student Entry Form here
  4. Your video must be less than than two minutes. Please note that Network Ten may then edit the winning entry further to create a broadcast-quality version that goes to air.
  5. Your video should use original material wherever possible and/or have the appropriate permissions to use any other material included. A useful site for accessing royalty-free music can be found here. More complex sites do exist and more information on these can be found here
  6. Draft videos will need to be submitted to High Resolves by October 7 2016 for initial feedback. Upload your draft video here
  7. When submitting your video you need to return completed Talent Release Forms for anyone outside your team that is featured in your video. You can download the Talent Release Form here
  8. All final entries for judging will then need to be submitted by Monday 7th November 2016 for shortlisting down to a national top 10. Upload your final video here. The final winner is expected to be announced by early December 2016. Remember to like our Facebook page to keep up to date with competition developments.

Videos will be judged by David Gordon (Chairman, Network Ten), Russel Howcroft (Executive General Manager, Network Ten), Waleed Aly (Co-Host, The Project), Roya Baghai (Co-Founder, High Resolves) and Paul Kelsey, (CEO, High Resolves).

Full Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions please drop us an email at

How to make a great video

There is an art to making an inspiring video that's really going to capture attention. We’ve put together some tips and tricks and a storyboard template for you which will help, but remember to be as creative as you can.

Good luck! We can't wait to see your video.




We are extremely grateful to Network Ten for their amazing support of the Videos for Change Challenge.