How can young people realise that their choices and actions matter?

Personal Impact is a highly interactive learning experience that allows students to reflect on their life choices and actions, and resolve to act in the long-term, collective interest of humanity. The experience is delivered in-school by highly skilled High Resolves educators and is designed to achieve cognitive, affective and behavioural outcomes.

Through the experience students will:

  • Understand how acting in their own short-term, self-interest will often lead to poor collective outcomes
  • Feel confident that they can find creative ways to act in the long-term, collective interest of humanity
  • Reflect on their own life choices and commit to paths that they feel will be on the right side of history

Signature Activity: Looking Out for #1

An iterated two-player game that is played over ten rounds that explores the trade-off between competition and collaboration. Upon reflection, they discover that acting in short-term self interest often leads to poor long-term outcomes.

At a Glance

Recommended Year Levels:  Year 9 - 10

Experience Includes:

  • 2 - 2.5 hour workshop for each group of up to 80 students
  • Teacher resource pack: My Footprint
  • Teacher professional development workshop


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We have had a stream of students explaining to their teachers how fun it was and how excited they are to make a difference, even if it is only by doing something small. We were very impressed with the program.
— Teacher, Victoria