Angel & Michael Zhang

Michael Bowen Zhang and Angel Mi Lin started their journey of alternative teaching when they were studying in university in 1992 in China, and established the New Horizon Global Citizens Centre in 1999 to help students to develop real world skills. The Centre has become one of the leading organisations in Northern China with 20 locations and over 10,000 students. 

Encouraged by the success of their Centre, after finishing Masters degrees at Macquarie University on Educational Leadership, and with the huge demand for holistic and innovative education across China, Angel and Michael went back to Beijing and set up X SCHOOL in 2015. X SCHOOL provides a personalised enrichment program for 3-15 year olds that supplements China’s mainstream education by inspiring learners’ compassion, empowering their competencies and facilitating individualised development plans in order to prepare them to be active participants in this ever-changing world.

X SCHOOL has 19 locations and aims to have 60 locations across China by end of 2019.