How can young people build immunity against divisive narratives?

Independent Thinking is a highly interactive learning experience designed to help students recognise the ways that their minds can be manipulated and gives them the skills to challenge their unconscious biases and think independently. The experience is delivered in-school by highly skilled High Resolves educators and is designed to achieve cognitive, affective and behavioural outcomes. 

Through the experience students will:

  • Understand some of the ways in which unconscious biases can be created or manipulated by others
  • Feel confident that they can recognise when others are trying to manipulate their views and actions
  • Validate their own personal beliefs, thoughts and assumptions through independent investigation

Signature Activity: Airport Outbreak

A deeply immersive interactive simulation involving the scenario of a viral outbreak at an airport. Working in small groups students are exposed to different pieces of propaganda designed to blame others for the outbreak. Students understand how the expert fallacy and emotive arguments can be used to negatively influence people.

At a Glance

Recommended Year Levels:  Years 7 - 8

Experience Includes:

  • 2 - 2.5 hour workshop for each group of up to 80 students
  • Teacher resource pack: Unconscious Bias
  • Teacher professional development workshop


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Doing the different activities has motivated me into thinking about the issues that communities face around the world and how our generation can change it.
— Student, Queensland