How can young people collaborate effectively with others?

Effective Collaboration is a highly interactive learning experience that trains students to seek and integrate multiple perspectives in order to achieve better collective outcomes. The experience is delivered in-school by highly skilled High Resolves educators and is designed to achieve cognitive, affective and behavioural outcomes. 

Through the experience students will:

  • Know how to modify their own behaviour to achieve maximum impact in a collaborative setting
  • Feel they will achieve better outcomes if they actively work with others and consider different perspectives
  • Gather and evaluate perspectives from multiple sources before forming their own view or taking any action

Signature Activity: Guess What?

A highly engaging game-show simulation where students work in small groups to identify specific objects based on individual observations of its separate components. Students are introduced to the process of integrative thinking as a practical way of solving problems in groups.

At a Glance

Recommended Year Levels:  Years 9 - 10

Experience Includes:

  • 2 - 2.5 hour workshop for each group of up to 80 students
  • Teacher resource pack: Survival Scenario
  • Teacher professional development workshop


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My time with High Resolves has taught me to stand up for what I believe in because everyone’s opinion counts. Building up my confidence has been the adventure of a lifetime and I’m positive about the road ahead.
— Student, Queensland