Dr Yuhyun Park, DQ Institute.jpg

Dr Yuhyun Park

Founder and CEO of DQ Institute

Founder of Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ) concept, framework, assessment and DQ World online platform. World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. Ashoka Fellow. Eisenhower Fellow. Recipient of two UNESCO awards. Digital Literacy Education Leader in OECD, IEEE and World Economic Forum, Doctorate in Biostatistics, Harvard University.

Just like every parent, Yuhyun wanted for her two children to thrive in our rapidly changing digital world. Trained as a statistician and digital media expert, she was concerned by the growing impact of digital technology, and the consequences of children facing cyber-risks including cyberbullying, technology addiction, fake news and more. 

Recognising that an educational gap exists in preparing children for the digital future, Yuhyun pioneered the concept of DQ. Like IQ and EQ, DQ refers to a set of comprehensive digital skills that children need to have to deal with the challenges and demands in their digital lives. Specifically, she saw the need to empower every child online with digital citizenship skills as the first step to minimise cyber-risks and maximise the opportunities of technology.

Seeing the lack of educational resources on digital citizenship world-wide, she developed a global movement, #DQEveryChild, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, Singtel, and other international partners. The movement aims to empower every 8-12 year old in over 100 countries with DQ from the start of their digital lives by 2020. This is done by providing nations with a research-backed, online educational platform – DQ World – for digital citizenship learning and real-time assessment that can be easily ‘plugged and played’ into any school curriculum or public education system. Today, Yuhyun is leading the DQ Institute - an international coalition in association with the World Economic Forum and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and 100 organizations with the collective vision to create an ethical digital future for children worldwide.