How can young people confidently resolve social conflict?

Conflict Resolution is a highly interactive learning experience where students realise that social conflicts are complex problems that can be solved by understanding the various perspectives and then integrating them to reach an equitable outcome. The experience is delivered in-school by highly skilled High Resolves educators and is designed to achieve cognitive, affective and behavioural outcomes.

Through the experience students will:

  • Understand that conflicts often arise due to a clash of differing perspectives that are not inherently irreconcilable 
  • Courageously address conflict in the knowledge that they can contribute to building a shared consensus that transcends the conflict
  • Use active listening and consultation skills to help them reconcile differing ideas

Signature Activity: Fight at Lunch

Students are immersed in a role-play exercise based on a typical school playground scenario where each participant is approaching the problem from a different perspective. In order to solve the conflict, students will need to use different mediation skills to find a fair outcome acceptable to all parties, including the School Principal.

At a Glance

Recommended Year Levels:  Years 9 - 10

Experience Includes:

  • 2 - 2.5 hour workshop for each group of up to 80 students
  • Teaching resource pack: Social Conflict
  • Teacher professional development workshop


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There is no doubt that this program has a life changing effect on takes them from being helpless observers of the world’s problems to being leaders who have a conviction that they can bring about change.
— Principal, New South Wales